High visibility reflective SOLAS reflective tape

This Marine Safety Tape used to enhance visibility of life-saving equipment in nighttime or low-light situations,such as life vests, jackets, buoys and rafts etc.
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Product Detail

High visibility reflective SOLAS reflective tape

  •  The Marine Safety WarningTapeis honeycomb pattern design (PC Material) which has high intensity reflection at day and night time.
  • Aggressive Self-Adhesive Marine Safety Tape with release liner is easy to use.
  • 7 years warranty SOLAS certified. It sticks very well, even on slightly curved surfaces.

Product Description

Product Name

High bright marine safety warning tape




For use on inflatable SOLAS (safety of life at sea) devices such as lifeboats, lifebuoys and life jackets.


Weather resistant for rugged outdoor maritime use.




7 years

Adhesive Type



glass bead

Available Colors


Available Length

45.72m or customized

Available Width



SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Certified.

Packing Details

Product Size

Box Size



Carton Size

QTY Per Carton




25kgs/ box




28kgs/ box


24 boxes

Product Application


Why Choose Us

  • Almost 5 years experience for producing reflective film, conspicuity tapes, Solas reflective tapes and luminescent film.
  • Experienced workers for producing the safety clothing. Good workmanship & sticky quality inspection.
  • Free samples are available.

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Interested in our product? We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone. Free samples are available!