Safety Vests: The Importance of High Visibility 2018-11-13

Reflective safety vest are the safety clothing essential to make people visible to other people especially when working along roads. ANSI/ISEA has time and again enacted requirements to promote high standards for safety apparel. The standards are various from the different safety vests .

One such standard is the ANSI/ISEA 207-2006 standard. This regulation is implemented for protecting emergency responders by enhancing their visibility to co-workers, and other people who are in work zone. It details critical requirements for kinds of safety factors, such as design and high visibility.

Design. Design features of safety vests include size, colors, and material features. Velcro and zipper closure, for instance, are utilized to make the safety vests on and off easily and quicker. The standard also recommends identification colors for specific emergency personnel, namely Red for Fire, Blue for Police, and Green for EMS.

Safety apparel can also be designed with mesh fabric to prevent them from becoming drenched, which is essential during wet weather and in warm conditions. This feature can keep the vests light.

High Visibility. Since safety apparel are designed to protect the wearer away from the danger, they adopt the special colors that can always be seen and glows in the dark conditions. For example, fluorescent colors such as lime green, yellow and orange make it more convenient for workers to see and locate each other. The standard guarantee that these colors are meeting the standard for the work situations they are to be used in.

Importance of High Visibility

High visibility is a critical factor of safety vests. Among the reasons are the following:

  • Safety. High-visibility safety vests are often the first, and sometimes the only thing keeping an worker in the view. For instance, drivers and equipment operators may not always have the time or opportunity to stop and check for other workers in the area. The high-visibility safety vest helps them to be visible to avoid the other employees, preventing potential accidents and saving lives.
  • Identification. Safety vests help stand out the wearer within a particular work zone.

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