How to Choose the Reflective Safety Vests 2018-11-13

You know reflective vests are often seen in our daily lives. They are common in traffic police and sanitation industries. People can be picked up easily with its high visibility in low light conditions or in dark, this way, the risk of the accidents can be reduced. So how could we choose a safety vest properly?

We can choose the reflective safety vest from two parts, the basic fabric and the reflective strips apply on the safety vest. When there is a light source, the reflective strips will reflect some of the light back to increase the visibility of the wearer and protect them away from damage.

As for the quality, different countries have clearly standards such as the reflective distance of the reflective tape, the washing times, and the width of the reflective tape. We could choose the proper reflective vest according to the corresponding standards. For example, if the reflective distance specified by the your national standard is 330m, but the safety vests’ reflective distance your choose are only 100m, it will increase the danger of the wearer a lot, especially in some toughest conditions.

When we talk about safety vests, it means we are talking about personal safety in some way. Contact SCG, we will give you professional recommendation according to your actual needs.

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Interested in our product? We are available 24/7 via fax, email or telephone. Free samples are available!